Using Humor in Real Estate Listing Descriptions

ukUsing humor in something that’s as fraught with emotion as a real estate listing description is a risky business, but if done well, it can have a high reward by catching the right buyer’s attention.

First, why do I call real estate listings “emotional”? Well, put yourself in your clients’ shoes. A home buyer is nearly always someone whose life is undergoing a dramatic change. People buy new places to live when they are leaving another home somewhere else, or getting married or divorced, or losing or starting a career, or emptying the nest… big changes are happening in their lives. Additionally, as we’ve often been told, a house is the biggest purchase most people will ever make.

When you add it up, buyers are emotional, sensitive, vigilant, and might seem in general more “touchy” than they would in day-to-day life. A joke that is in the slightest bit offensive in this situation could do a lot of damage. Nobody wants to feel they are getting jerked around, especially when they’re already under pressure.

You can try livening up your listing descriptions with a touch of humor

5 Ways Your Homebuilder Brand Can Improve Your Bottom Line

ujEver heard of the law of unintended consequences? It means you didn’t want these consequences, but you didn’t even know about them until it was too late. That’s what can happen to you as a homebuilder with a lousy brand. It all goes to the bottom line. A strong brand can make the world of difference. Here are 5 ways a strong brand would make that difference:

#1: Clear Differentiation

There’s a lot of competition out there. And there’s a lot of marketing being done. So how do you stand out from all of that? You have 20+ other builders out there doing the same thing you are and building similar homes. What do you do? There are small differences, like providing an architect when the homeowner gets stuck. But who knows you can do that? They probably think you’re just another builder like all the rest.

One way to distinguish yourself is with a strong Value Proposition (or USP). Everyone has one that differentiates them from the rest. But who knows about it?

#2: Consistent Image

Your image in the market is the be-all, end-all of your existence,

3 Real Estate Tricks to Get You More Business

7I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years by running three different businesses. My current profession is a commercial photographer, where I get the pleasure of hanging out with real estate agents and business professionals most days. I’m one of those individuals who observe others. Their actions, their reactions, their genetics and their nature and the stuff that makes us tick. I have a vested interest in discovering the character of people. It’s actually so I can connect better with myself.

Real estate agents have much to benefit from in great interactions. So, how do you start? How do you get people to look your way and pay attention, desiring to do business with you?
I have some ideas that could help –

1. Start with your advertising campaign – Does it reflect who you are, your style, and your personality? Do you incorporate a portrait in all of your ads, a symbol or something that sets you apart visually? If not, you’re missing out on advertising opportunities! If you are, is it a standard portrait or does it reveal some character?

One of the biggest

Steps To Adopt Prior To Deciding To Efficiently Market Your House

Every single home owner would seem to have their own personal triggers for selling a home. Someone could have a family that’s at last outgrown the actual residence they’ve existed in for so long. Many people could have only chose to sell to successfully move to an even better spot with a lot more surrounding chances. No matter what your own reason might be, you’ll want to make certain that the proper steps are taken whenever selling a home.

It is necessary for a homeowner to actually have their paperwork straight right before their house soars on the market. A lot of buyers need to know as much details about a house as they can prior to making a decision. For example, when was the home produced? Exactly how much are the property taxes for the residence? These represent the sorts of questions prospective buyers as well as realtors will probably ask an owner. Examine this article to discover more about the actual material which is needed just before a purchase.

When it comes to selling real estate there are a lot of strategies that an individual can use. For instance, quite a few lifehacker industry experts advocate for homeowners

Learn How To Discover The Best Business Space

Business people must have a place to do the job. For a few, this simply means an outlet as well as a small space for storing. For others, it’s just an office. Some other businesses could possibly want a larger business space they’re able to store big items or many different items in. It doesn’t matter what type of space the organization really needs, it is vital for the company owner to invest time to consider just what they need and exactly what they might need down the road and then invest time to discover the ideal property.

Whenever a business proprietor is actually searching for MN commercial real estate for lease, they will desire to begin by contemplating exactly what they’ll need. This should include the size of the space they have to lease in addition to exactly what sort of space they will require. They’re going to also wish to think about the place for the space so they can make it simpler for buyers to locate the building if consumers will likely be going to the space often. They need to not only think about exactly what they’ll need at this time, but just what they may

What to Consider When Purchasing in This Marketplace

Are you searching for commercial property bargains? Would you like to acquire an office building and / or house on sale like you do a car or another major investment? If so, you are not on your own. Who isn’t searching for a deal in this market? Office space is still sought after, however, so finding a great deal might appear impossible. This does not imply you shouldn’t purchase nevertheless, as you can generate income off letting out a commercial building. To make the most of this particular opportunity, you’ll want to seek out low worth buildings which might be within the borders of appealing regions. They tend to be offered at competitive prices, permitting you to get a better deal, once you know what to look for. For example, numerous elements come into play, such as area and also community amenities. In the case of business room or space, nevertheless, your main issue may need to always be useful room or space, because this is just what customers are searching for. Additionally, a bigger advance payment will be needed for a commercial property. They’re just two ways the premises differ. Read this blog link to find out about

What to Take Into Account When Purchasing in This Marketplace

Do you need commercial real estate special offers? Do you wish to acquire an industrial building or house on sale as you do a car or some other significant buy? If so, you aren’t by yourself. Who isn’t searching for a deal in this market? Office space is still sought after, nevertheless, so finding a great deal might seem out of the question. This doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t buy though, since you can generate income from renting out commercial properties. To really make the most of this opportunity, you will want to look for lower worth properties which might be within the outskirts of suitable regions. They tend to be offered at good prices, enabling you to obtain a good deal, if you know things to search for. For example, countless factors are important, including location and community features. In the case of commercial space or room, nonetheless, your main concern ought to be usable space or room, because this is what clients are searching for. In addition, a bigger deposit will likely be needed for an industrial property. They’re just two possibilities the buildings are different. Look at this blog link in order to find out more about

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Repsonse Rates

Starting wholesalers are often overwhelmed by the task of crafting an impact-full real estate marketing letter. Lacking experience, it is difficult to guess the impact the various content items might have on lead conversion. Adding to the challenge, there are countless sources for advice on marketing content and combining or sampling the recommendations yields a marketing piece that’s unnecessarily long, complex or ineffective.

Marketing materials are usually near the top in terms of the most costly business expenses. Given this fact, its clear that a bad run with poorly constructed marketing campaigns can be enough to sink a new business. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to isolate the root cause of lackluster direct mail marketing results. The investor may unknowingly blame the target market segment for the results and redeploy the same bad marketing to a new segment. Avoid the guesswork and these costly mistakes by implementing the 5 key principles explored in this article.

Personalize Your Letters

It is important to personalize each of your marketing mail pieces. Think about it, when you pick up your mail, you tend to sort through and discard any items that are clearly junk mail or mass mailers. The same fate awaits your marketing pieces if

5 Tips For Higher ROI

If you are a real estate agent but so far have lack-luster results; chances are you could use some advice. Likewise this advice can be helpful if you are just beginning your career. Our tips could be the difference as to whether you make it or break it in your career no matter how long you’ve been on the job. So sit back and relax and read our article on this subject.

One way you can accomplish this goal is to be more accessible on the Internet. In today’s world of marketing it is crucial to have a strong Internet presence. This applies to the real estate world too; including the agents. Whether you own your own business or simply have a lot of input with the boss; we would urge your company to have a website. This website ought to be easy to access and to use. Additionally you will want to have as much information on it as possible. Whenever you can, post pictures of the homes you are selling and/or of yourself. Accessibility is the key and these days that is best accomplished by being on the Internet.

While we are discussing your Internet presence; let’s talk about the

How Real Estate Agents Can Extend the Life of Their Postcard Mailings

You have probably seen many different promotional postcards from real estate agents in your mailbox. Perhaps you’ve noticed that almost of them fall into three predicable types:

1. The “I live here, I work here, I know the neighborhood” approach, which implies a more intimate knowledge of local real estate than others have, or

2. The “Just sold 22 Main Street — OVER ASKING!” approach, which implies not only a strong market but also a slew of buyers waiting to bid up the price on your home, and

3. The “market report” approach, which offers a collection of statistics about home sales, generally and locally, and other information of interest to home sellers.

With that background, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a postcard from a mother/daughter real estate team that uses an eye-catching photograph in a recent promotional mailing.

The photograph, a single sailboat on a calm Lake Ontario framed by trees in the foreground, says much about Toronto’s Long Branch community that words alone cannot express. The photograph includes the caption “Living in Long Branch.”

(What’s that expression? A picture is worth one thousand words!)

However, the photograph could (and in my view, should) be the beginning of the dialogue that this real estate team

Placing Your Home in the Market

Marketing your home in Aruba can seem intimidating because of all the conflicting resources you have at your disposal. Should you market your home to locals? To tourists? Should you keep it as a second home and rent it out as a vacation rental? Where should you advertise- online, in print, by word of mouth? For anyone struggling to wade through the many options here are 5 simple ways to market your home without going crazy:

1. Market online: Marketing your home online can take up a lot of time, but it is one of the best ways to get information about your home for sale out into the world. Considering the vast amount of blogs, real estate websites and social media pages that exists, you might want to choose one or two of each and go from there. If you already have a personal website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page posting on these sites is relatively easy; give your name, a few essential details about the home for sale, and contact information for anyone who might be interested. If you are working with a real estate agency they will help you draw up an ad for your hoe to be

Can Your Real Estate Marketing System Compete With This?

Well, are you on Facebook? How many Instagram followers do you have? Have you tweeted in the last 48 hours? Are you on Popsicle yet? Everyone who is anyone is on Popsicle!

You’ve heard that all of this “activity” is needed to have an effective real estate marketing system. However, the number one way that people find a real estate agent is by talking to their friends, family, and acquaintances. In other words, it is real-life, word-of-mouth marketing that is effective, not marketing to your online “friends.” Therefore, any real estate marketing system needs to have a referral marketing strategy at its core. No real estate marketing system can compete with a prospect’s BFF raving about how great her real estate agent is and recommending her to anyone and everyone.

What can you do in your business that will have people raving so that they tell everyone in their circle of influence about you? Here is a harsh reality check: an annual Christmas card is not going to cut it. It is just going to make its way into the circular file cabinet (i.e., trash can) once the first of the year rolls around. What can you do that will make people

Real Estate Marketing Plans

If you are planning to participate in the real estate market it is important to develop a marketing plan. Real estate is a very serious subject because investments that are made here involve large amounts of money. There is no room for games or inexperience! No learning on the job!

The first thing you should do is come up with an executive summary for your real estate business; defining the nature of it. Will it focus on residential properties or commercial properties or a combination of the two. Make notes of the milestones and achievements that other real estate agents have accomplished and take steps to do the same. A very important step – write a mission statement. An example could be; let’s say a gentleman in Bucks County, PA had a goal to be in the top 15% of real estate agents there. He can even take that a step further and aspire to increase the success rate of mortgage loan customers to 25% a couple of years down the road. This should be written down in the mission statement for clarity.

Another important thing to do is identify your team. Make a list of the names and roles in the

How to Brand Yourself in Real Estate

Things can’t get simpler than learning your ABCs. So to explain how to brand yourself in real estate, let’s use ABC.

A is for ask. This is the research step of how to brand yourself in real estate. Ask friends, family, colleagues, and former clients why they like you, what is special about you, what are you good at, and what makes you unique. You’ll be surprised by the answers. For example, a real estate agent, Jamie, asked her circle of influence these questions. And let’s say that the fictional responses she got back indicated that she is caring and makes people feel welcome, and someone jokingly said that she also makes the best coffee. She has completed the first letter of the ABCs of branding herself in real estate.

B is for benefits. This is the step where you take all the information you discovered during the previous asking step and answer the question “How does this benefit my clients?” Shopping for a home can be one of the most stressful life events for someone. Working with someone that cares and is welcoming can help to de-stress the process. Even making really good coffee helps people feel cared for and welcomed.

The Top Five Real Estate Markets in the US

Texas is hot. Not just in terms of what the thermometer says, but also in terms of real estate. Three of the top five real estate markets in the U.S. right now are all in the Lone Star State. But if wide open plains or the Gulf Coast don’t appeal to you, don’t worry, there are other cities for you to consider. Let’s dive in to learn more about the five best bets for real estate.

1. Denver. Now that the economy is perking up, home prices and housing demand are both on the rise in the beautiful Mile High City. Unlike pre-recession levels, however, oil companies do not dominate the employment market as much as they did, so the Denver economy is not as volatile as it once was. Plus, the housing areas around the country that fell the hardest when the recession hit were the first to start to recover. Once those areas balanced back out, it was time for other markets to grow. Denver has seen home sales increase 4.6% over last year, and home prices increase 9.2% in the same time frame, making it one of the single hottest real estate markets around.

2. San Antonio. The first

Ways to Market Yourself As a Real Estate Agent

Congratulations on passing the state licensing exam and getting placed with an agency! Now it’s time to find your clients – and to have them find you. Some agencies will provide assistance for marketing, but they might not give you all the tips you need. Read on to learn more about tips to market yourself as a real estate agent.

Your new agency may give you some leads to get started with. But those are not going to expand your business very well. You can also start with marketing to your so-called warm market – your friends and family. It’s the least expensive type of marketing, and you know that your audience will be receptive, or at least polite and hear your message. They can also give people they know a referral to you, and that kind of marketing is both free and invaluable. Your warm market paired with your agency’s leads will be a solid place to start.

Adding on to that, there are traditional types of marketing like newspaper ads and local city magazines. But in today’s digital age, these marketing formats don’t yield very strong results. Here is where you can let your creative talents shine. Think of ways

What Is the Future of Automated Sharing on Social Media?

Operating your startup over the internet can be a tough job when the rules of the game keeps changing. Depending on the conditions of the environment, you have to modify your tactics for maintaining the quality demands.

There is no defined limit for quality, and you can always take the game up to the next level. You simply cannot follow the same path as your competitor because it diminishes brand identity.

Now, recently I have been trying hard to make the work of my real estate startup company visible to the target area of expertise and final users. It can be a very hard task when you do not have the right people to do the job and you have limited time on your hands. You have to make the right priorities to complete your work.

At first, we decided to hire more hands to get the work done but it can be a hard task to find the right people. Working on social media can take up a lot of time, but this is absolutely important for businesses. Sharing work over multiple real estate groups on popular social media platforms helps people find what they are looking for.

What do you do when

Easy Lead Generation Plan For Mortgage Originators

Some loan officers build their business based on social media, others develop relationships, and still others advertise using such tools as: direct mail and email marketing. Whatever approach or combination of approaches are used to generate leads, successful loan officers create and follow a plan on how they will generate their business. As with anything in life, what works for you today may not work tomorrow, so your business and the way you generate activity should be constantly changing and adapting to the market. With every new improvement, enhancement, and/or technological advancement your lead generation plan has to be able to grow and develop. The mortgage business or any sales field in general will take time and effort to build. If you stay focused, you will be able to create a system that consistently produces leads and future income. The following is a list of lead generation ideas that can be used by loan officers to increase the amount of leads and business they receive.

• Relationship Building – The number one source of leads in the mortgage business is from licensed real estate agents. Other relationship sources include, but are not limited to: accountants, insurance agents, and attorneys. Creating a

Technology and Tools to Boost Up Your Real Estate Dealings

The real estate world has seen a dip in the dealings be it leasing, buying or selling, especially in the recent times. In today’s tough economic times, making a new customer is challenging and so is retaining an existing one. Real estate agents have to be at their marketing best at all times and for it they need to be tech friendly.

You might be the best at what you do, but until you communicate it in the right way with the right tools, your efforts might be getting wasted. Technology and communication need to go hand in hand and failure in this issue can see you lag behind compared to your competitors. More importantly, there needs to be a balance between the two and to bring that balance in your profession you need to be working on both the aspects simultaneously. Everything from client communication, connecting with new customer database, sales pitch, after sales service and other such interactions need to be done effectively with the help of technology.

Being in the real estate business, you might have noticed that the presentation or bidding of a real estate agent lacking in the technological aspect affects the whole deal. So instead of

Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

The key to writing an effective Real estate Agent Cover Letter is to write it from the perspective of a customer. Most importantly though is that every letter should have a clear, specific purpose. So, as you sit down and prepare to write a letter make sure you are clear about what it is you want to accomplish.

Do you want a listing, or are you interested in showing the recipient a property? Whatever it is be specific about what your most desired response is and once it’s clear to you it’ll be easier to effectively communicate it to your readers. So, think like a customer. What will make them interested in your product or service?

Here’s another bit of advice for both beginning and senior agents; don’t make the letter about you or your company. Your readers could care less about that. They’re more interested in what’s in it for them. So, your focus should be on the customer, their problems and how you can solve them.

Next up are headlines, arguably the most important part of your sales letter. Generally, headlines should be longer than three to four words, but less than seventeen. Take a look at newspaper headlines and other